Bling around #Dubai on these $1 million car rims...

The UAE is known for its love of bling and all things extravagant, which include lavish homes, plush hotels and super expensive cars. In fact, we can easily spot cars from the most coveted brands in the world on our roads and it’s common now to see Ferrari’s and Maserati’s in mid-level residential areas in Dubai.

This love was apparent when the city hosted the world’s most expensive car, a gold Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 crafted from a 500kg solid block of gold.

The design collaboration between Lamborghini and Robert Gülpen carried the price-tag of $7.4 million, or Dh27 million.

And, with super expensive cars come atrociously priced add-ons that sometimes beat the actual price of the car. 

A city like Dubai offers an array of options for car fans to customise their wheels in the most elaborate of ways. Of course to them, cars are characters, absolutely brash ones that come with all the bling and shimmer in this world.

Customising a car, however, can be a lengthy and costly process and may cost more than an average car itself.
Here are some of flashiest car add-ons that the ultra-rich are buying to bling-up their rides, according to a survey by Carmudi, an online marketplace for vehicles.

1# Number 1 license plate

Anyone who loves their motor, dreams of a customised number plate. The survey found out that the ‘World’s Most Expensive Number Plate’ - ‘1’ - has sold for a whopping $14,000,000/Dh51,422,280.

And this sale represents more than just wealth, status or vanity. It is an investment that quadruples the price of your car the moment it adorns a number plate with a single digit. The lower the number, the higher the status.

2# Diamond-encrusted shift knob

This royal masterpiece is handcrafted with 30 karat genuine diamonds and costs $150,000 /Dh550,953. Shifting gears has never been so pricey.
Be careful with the onlookers as you could easily trade several new cars for the price of this single knob.

But if this isn’t enough bling for you, there is an even pricey model for the Bentley Continental GT finished in white gold and 30 carats of diamonds for $165,000/Dh606,048.

3# Diamond-encrusted rims 

The king of bling Asanti Wheels offers 22-inch wheels studded with diamonds that cost $1,000,000/Dh3,673,020.

Obviously, these beauties come with expensive parking tickets, but the car specialist takes care of this by offering a 24-hour security guard to watch your rims for a whole year.
The spokesperson of Asanti commented, “With the response we gathered from the public on these rims, we could confidently affirm that our target market is everyone that appreciates art and the art of dreaming.”