IPhone 7 Coming With Laser Keyboard... Expected Launch December 2016

The Apple iPhone 7 release date is scheduled on September 2015. But even though we have almost a year of wait to go, that doesn't keep the rumors from swirling. Before you get excited, we're still not sure whether or not they'll be calling it iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S as many reports suggests. But, so far, according to Epoch Times, one of the biggest speculations as of date is a one-of-a-kind feature that presents a tantalizing possibility.

          First, let's talk about the specs. Reports claim that the next-generation of iPhone might arrive in two versions a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch display for iPhone 7 Plus.

          "It will have a rounded, aluminum chassis and a very slim profile." One site says.

          A possibility welcomed that with the recent developments from their competitor, Microsoft, as it comes with a unified system with Windows 10, Cook might go that route of merging Mac OS X and iOS. This would allow a docking station where iPhone 7 can both be used as a phone and a desktop computer just by merely connecting a monitor, mouse and a keyboard. After all, most smart phones have defied expectations and are now more convenient to use than your average PCs.
          The most interesting rumored feature that was previously thought to exist in iPhone 6 is a 3D Display, but you don't have to worry about the glasses because you can use it without one. It might be a wild idea as it comes with a holographic keyboard projected to the surface using four pico projectors.  
          That idea is actually not far off as the iGiant's head, Tim Cook, admitted that they were working on something they said was an "interactive holography display device" and they already filed for patency on that three years ago and only in September 2014 were they awarded with it. So, it's definitely not out of the picture for iPhone 7.
          If historic pattern of iPhone release dates are any indication for the iPhone 7 launch, then you can expect to grab this Apple product by September next year.