40-year-old Mom marries her 23-year-old son after he got her pregnant! This is insane!

A unique and so one among a sort romance is currently current on-line and is surprising the netizens!

Here’s the story of a 40-year-old mother WHO determined to marry her 23-year-old son WHO got her pregnant.
The 40-year-old mother was known as Betty Mbereko and also the son was called Farai, each were from Masvingo, Zimbabwe.
Reports claim that Betty’s husband already gave up the ghost, creating her the sole person to try and do what is best for her son.
She additionally expressed that if there is one person entitled to marry her son, that might be her as a result of no alternative girl ought to enjoy her son’s cash.

Because of what is happening to their lives, the mother was charged with unlawful carnal knowledge. they are then each kicked out from their village knowing that the baby that Betty’s on the point of born would be her kid and offspring and also the kid and relative of Farai.