Energica Ego, Ferrari of bikers, set to hit the market next year...

This week we feature one of the latest introductions to the electric vehicle segment – the Energica Ego - part of the Energica series that has positioned itself as the Ferrari of bikers. Another Star Trek-type device that lets you talk with your head held high and talk not just with one but multiple users simultaneously.
Smart gadgets are getting smarter and the race is on to determine the smartest of the lot and the winner of the current race BeOn – which not only lights up your house, but also seemingly prevents your house from getting robbed… Read on
Italy’s new electrical superbike

Italy’s new electric superbike is all set to rock the biking world and motorcycle enthusiasts.
The machine is a trimmed down version of the Energica Ego, which was announced last year and considered as the only electrical superbike matching up to racing standards.
Energica Ego is powered by a 136 HP motor that can take you to speeds of upto 218 kmph. Priced around $25,000 to $30,000, the bike is scheduled to hit the market in 2015. The bike’s battery can be fully charged in 3.5 hours and can travel up to 150km.
The Eva was unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Italy on November 5.
CRP, the company behind the Energica models, is more known among the racing fraternity producing high-end automotive engineering. CRP has been supplying components to Formula 1. In fact, its idea is to make Energica the Ferrari for the biking fraternity. To what extent it would succeed will be based on how fast it can bring down the pricing, to make the machine more affordable and increase the battery life.
OnBeep the wearable walkie-talkie that will stick to your shirt
It is being termed as the Star Trek-styled device. The round device just clips onto whatever you wear and by a simple push of a button can broadcast your message and help a group of people communicate with each other with ease.
The device was announced on Wednesday (November 5) and is priced at $99 for a unit and can be pre-ordered. 
Onyx lets users connect with each other without having to look down at their phone and weighs just 46 grams.
Onyx connects to the OnBeep app on a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, delivering instant communication over wireless and cellular networks across any distance. The app lets users create and manage groups on the fly, and team members can share their location on a map, making it easy to keep track of each other in real-time. Onyx works with both iOS and Android smartphones. The initial idea for such a device came up during emergency relief work.