Breaking : August weather in the UAE: It could feel close to 72 degrees Celsius

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology said that the state dominated by hot weather to the extreme heat since yesterday, predicting that the day temperature ranged between 49 and 50 degrees. otherwise August weather in the UAE: It could feel close to 70 degrees Celsius

He explained that the month of July is the last months of the first transitional period (spring) between winter and summer, and in the last third of June perpendicular to the sun surface at the Tropic of Cancer, which is experiencing the longest days of the year in the northern hemisphere, and thus increasing the temperature of most areas of the State , marked the beginning of the summer season, which begins June 21 geographically. therefore It might feel as hot as 71 degrees Celsius next month. And yes, unfortunately it will be even more humid…

He denied the center that the temperature recorded yesterday be the top throughout the month of June in the history of the state, noting that the highest temperature were monitored in the month of June during the past years amounted to 52.0 degrees in 2010, and lower the temperature of 12 degrees in 1984, pointing out that The highest temperature was monitored yesterday reached 50.5 degrees Celsius, and fell immediately after half an hour for up to 49.2 degrees Celsius.

He said the center's «Emirates Today» The high temperatures is normal at this time of the year, largely due to the location of the country between latitudes 21 and 26 north, pointing out that the sun at this time be a trend northward toward the Tropic of Cancer to reach latitude 23.5 on 21 June.

He pointed out that the sun passes over the earth in this time generates low heat doing a flow of air to the mass of hot and dry leading to rising temperatures, with a low starts from mid-May and lasts until the second week of July, and have a greater impact to this low in early July, stressing that this is repeated annually.Unfortunately it will be a lot more humid in August than it has been in July