Are You Looking for a job in dubai ? then read this article

Have you been sending out hundreds of CVs and haven’t heard 
 back from even one employer? Stop now, take stock of what you are doing and commit to some changes in your job search strategy.
The world is changing around us, and we need to step ahead with it. HR and hiring practices have evolved a lot over the years, and just sending the traditional CV with a boring covering letter will do you no good.
Being proactive, smart and suave will help you land a job and looking for newer ways can only minimise your frustration levels that come with an unfruitful job hunt.
Try some networking strategies you haven’t thought of before, and these just might get you going. Head-hunters with leading executive search firms give additional tips to get out of a job search rut and back to work.


  • U.S. passport
  • Written job contract or job offer letter
  • Medical records
  • 5 passport-size photos
  •  Tips for working and finding work in Dubai I’ve put the following list of tips/ odds and ends together for anyone wanting to work, or currently looking for work in Dubai/ UAE based on my past experience. It’s by no means complete, and I will answer and include good comments or postings if I feel they are valid and add to the content of the post. 

    I have tried to put as much general information together as possible to cover most eventualities; some of the items may not necessarily relate to a specific job/ career group or labour category.

  •  The exclusive report on how to find a job and make money in Dubai. Contains updated information on how to accommodate in Dubai, how and where to apply for jobs and what life is like in one of the fastest growing cities in the world.