this story goes viral over social media Make serve a good plate of oysters or lobster by Obama, it's possible. Just go to the island of Martha's Vinyard. But the passage, bypass the six guards who stand on the sidelines, but that did not bother to give a hand to Sasha.

Both Obama sisters do not enjoy their holidays in the same way. The video of Malia currently twerking has been around the web. Sasha Obama, meanwhile, landed a summer job at Nancy's, seafood restaurant on the island of Martha's Vineyard, south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. According to the Boston Herald, the address is run by the jet set and the presidents of the United States who own second homes.

It is almost an employee like any other, except that Natasha Obama is helped by six people, probably his bodyguards, who put themselves back at work. This is what attracted the attention of visitors who have been quick to discover his true identity