Funny Dad Has One Interesting Way Of Discouraging His Daughter From Posting Sexy Selfies

Ever since Snapchat released their awesome filters, selfies are becoming more and more popular. Teens just love posing for the camera. Once you have the right angle, lighting, and filter, you can trick all of your friends into thinking that you are hotter than you actually are. Some of the most popular Snapchat filters include:
  • The dog filter
  • The puking rainbow filter
  • All of the makeup filters

Once you post your snapchat photo, it’s online on your story for a limited time. If you really want the photo to be online forever then you can post it on another site like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.
A quick scroll through your Instagram feed and you might see a bit of selfies from you and your friends - especially on #SelfieSunday. Although a few selfies are completely harmless, you better hope that they aren’t seen by the wrong people.
Meet Chris ‘Burr’ Martin. He is a comedian and the Host of Lila City Comicon costume contest. Basically, you know he’s a pretty funny dude.
He’s also the father of a couple of teens. His daughter, Cassie Martin, is just like any other teenage girl. She likes to take the occasional selfie and post it on Instagram.
But being the comedian that he is, Chris has become an internet sensation after recreating his daughter’s selfies and posting them on his own IG account.
‘So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better,’ he wrote on his Instagram account.

After his first post, he says that his daughter did tone it down a bit. However after the positive response from the public, he decided to continue with the hilarious photos.
Although most people may find this humiliating, Cassie thinks it’s hilarious. ‘My dad is the comedian of the family, so when he started recreating my photos, it was so funny to me,’ she said in an interview with

‘My friends want me to tag them as soon as I post new photos of him imitating me because they love his sense of humor also,’ she continued.
But it looks like she’s not the only victim on her father’s account. On June 26th he posted a photo of himself recreating his son’s selfie. He captioned it with, ‘Happy birthday to my boy.’