Saw a dried rose today in one of my books and an instant flashback ran through my mind

Saw a dried rose today in one of my books and an instant flashback ran through my mind. It was a perfect morning, the best I can bet. Everything seems to be so magical; silent roads, fresh grass in the lawn, a perfect ambiance to be in.
I still remember, I was wearing white and black- it was not planned which made it more special; great contrast and the best combination.
The music was low with exact lyrics, only me and you. Looking into each other's eyes, may be words were not required, our eyes did the talking with all the truthfulness we hold in each other's hand and promised to be together for the rest of our lives.

You gifted me a rose, that I still have with me as a token of your love and commitment to be with me. Still can't decide weather you lied or your eyes, 'coz I have heard the phrase that "eyes don't lie."
The rose has dried as our relationship did, just an impression of both is left. It is neither the words nor the promises that were true — I realized it now that I was just not you.
The one who held my hand; the one who encouraged me; the one who showed me the right path and loved me unconditionally; the one who was with me in my ups and downs; the one who cared for me and played those 7 rounds.

It was just between you and me. The talks that we had and the feelings we shared,
still can't believe that everything has changed. Its no more you and me left.
I loved that feeling; I loved that ambiance, your way of talking and those stolen stares.
I don't have the strength to ask God those moments back 'coz reality is infront of me and I can't deny the fact. My mind is over you but a part of my heart still says, that may be its none of our mistake...Maybe the conditions and situations made you do so.
But it's all just an illusion; I know.