The atmosphere tensed as he heard a gunshot from far away. He knew soon it would break out in an complete chaos.

The atmosphere tensed as he heard a gunshot from far away. He knew soon it would break out in an complete chaos, in utter destruction. He was posted at a far flung jungle of himalayan valleys near the border. The terrorists used to attack on these lonely grounds hidden in dense foliage, on the daily basis. He absolutely had no idea where his other comrades were and could only hope that they were safe.
He changed his position on the ground and immediately a bullet ripped apart his upper arm. The little trying for comfort costed him a lot as he came in the view of some terrorist sniper.
The bullet had pierced significantly deep and the blood oozed out of his gaping injury. He muttered a few curses and tried to staunch the blood flow by gritting his teeth. Blood loss at this fast pace would soon kill him and from where would the medical help arrive in these massive jungles???
He decided to surrender himself to fate. So badly he wished to find his other collegues but all in vain.
"Buried in the ice, your heart may deprive, The storms may rise but you shall learn to survive.
May I help you gentleman?? Hope I could be put to some good use.", a voice beamed from behind and an outstretched hand reached him. "Don't worry I'm not a terrorist.", the man in front of him laughed. "Though I'm also a sniper but gave up that profession long ago. And before all that, you immediately need an first-aid. I can give my introduction later."
He looked at him closely examining his attributes. The man in front of him who genuinely offered help and not looked like a problematic element, had unnaturally cold and blue eyes. As he told he was a sniper once, the cold fanatic gleam in his eyes was a induced character in him. A will buit physique and a tall frame is what he had. A tattoo on his wrist read "Shiva."
"shiva??", he muttered.
"yeah. You can call me that", the man smiled and gazed at him.
"sure.", he mumbled.
Shiva helped him off the ground and took him to other part of the jungle. It seemed as if he knew the place thoroughly.
"Don't worry mate. I live here in these jungles. They comfort me and I'm used to them..", shiva smiled.
They came to a safe place where shiva treated his injury and bandaged him. Assuring him it would get better soon, shiva left.
He wondered about the mysterious man living in mid of nowhere. Snipers are usually crazy, he thought, 'coz he was one.
From that day they met daily. Amid forests or on outskirts of jungle. Shiva showed him every nook and corner of that place and they shared about their lives. Shiva quoted a line very often, " Buried in the ice your heart may deprive,
The storms may rise, but you shall learn to survive.."

They both recited these lines each day and had them by heart. Their friendship was on the peak until one day the fued broke again. The bullets fired and miseries showered.
"you must not come here each day. The place isn't safe. You should leave immediately..", he said to shiva.
"So when will you meet me next??", shiva asked.
"when all this ends. May be by next week. There're two more of them left, once they're killed I'll be there.", he said.
"ok. Meet me at the small church near the graveyard. It's not far away from here. Behind that valley you see. I go there each day to pray, but now I'll have one more reason to visit..", shiva smiled.
"I'll come.", he smiled back.
Shiva started to walk away. After a few steps he turned back and shouted " Buried in the ice, your heart may deprive.
The storms may rise, but you shall learn to survive."
with this he left never to be seen again.

The terrorist activities in the jungle came to an end in two weeks. He collected his things and left for the church to meet his friend. He was happy that finally he could know about him, a friend who helped him in an odd hour.
Behind the valley he saw a small church with it's dim light glowing in dark. He went there and found the gate of that church locked. It was strange. Well, the area was deserted, who would come here other than wild animals. He jerked off his thoughts and decided to wait. May be his friend would arrive soon.
Five hours passed but still there was no sign of shiva. "Maybe he'll come tomorrow", he thought and got up to leave.
The little graveyard in the way caught his attention and all he saw there was shrubs and dense treees. There were no graves. Mentally marking that place strange he turned to leave and stumbled due to a climber growing on the ground. He fell down and his head hit hard on the stone. He got up to take a close look and found it was a gravestone and it was etched there..
"Buried in the ice your heart may deprive,
The storms may rise, but you shall learn to survive..!!!"