Just hold me tight and promise me everything will be alright.

"Can you just hold me??", he whispered; his voice shaking. I held him tight close to my heart. He shivered and let out a deep sigh, losing himself in the grip of my arms. Soon he was fast asleep, his face radiating a faded smile and a hint of contentment. 
Smiling was something he would rarely do. He was broken and a synonym of darkness. He laughed a lot but never smiled. Prevailing in that unbearable gloom, he made himself a rock hearted person. Away from those allies of human endeavours, he made himself numb in those chilly nights of December. Black sugarless coffee is what he cherished above all, when the world runs after mocktails and sweet syrups.

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What attracted me most towards him was his eyes; pitch black and the moisture gleaming in them. Too innocent to defy a new born baby's eyes. With an inhuman heart and cold stature, he possessed the most beautiful pair, enticing and charming enough. And yes I admit, I fell for his eyes.
He replied in one words most of the time but it never made me frustated. Weeds and cigarettes were the things he used to feed on. Letting himself lost, he lived those silent nights all alone.
Whatever he was, I fell for him and his one word replies. His darkness, his insane laugh, his devastated heart and everything.
I glanced at him sleeping peacefully like a small baby, cradling in my arms. I held him even more tight, hoping that may be someday the warmth of my soul will melt his heart and instead of that fading smile, I could see the entire moon shining bright. May be the warmth of my arms will provide him some comfort so that he may not fake that smile.
Hoping that the little love I have for him will make him feel loved and he could whisper those words again to me, "can you just hold me???" :')