Once agian the grey clouds filled the skies, it went dark in the broad daylight..

Once agian the grey clouds filled the skies, it went dark in the broad daylight;
The mist enveloped, a cold breeze blew, and blurred became the sight.
He stepped out of his car, lurking back in the past, hands shivering out of fear and grief;
he came here again, the ambience took over him, his aches were'nt brief.
A rain drop fell, on his hands, on his cheeks, he tried to compose himself may be;
but couldnt resist, it all gushed out, the drop on his cheek, silently cried he.
The thunder sparked, cold winds buzzed past, heavily it rained;

he bacame more sore, memories broke him, his heart profoundly pained.
There lay she, sound asleep, peaceful in her own world, carelessly;
someone cried hard, drenching his heart, again and again endlessly.
He hoped the droplets to wake her up, prayed, but all in vain;
all in view was the cold desert, lifeless, he felt insane.
The pain took over, he couldnt bear, doubled up, and let out the tears;
sat near her grave with drizzling rain, numb, tried to overcome his fears.
The showers reminded him of her, each time it drizzled;
they danced and made merry, rejoiced, and drops on her body gently tickled.
But it was all long gone, he was alone, left out far behind;
she want away, with no good byes, and that was not kind.
Sitting near her grave he feeded on the memories, and soon he fell asleep;
the rain subsided, only slow showers felt, but he lay there deep.
Dead he was, close to her, his heart near her grave, it was not a stop;
the black clouds wandered in the skies again, to witness the love, with one last drop..!!!