Woman's horror after she gains EIGHT stone in six months due to mystery illness - and fears she'll soon be too fat to move

Laura Pell, 34, from Northamptonshire, was a size 8 and weighed 9st (57kg) last summer. But rapid fluid retention has caused her to balloon to 17st and a size 22, forcing her to quit work. On average, she is gaining an average of one-a-half-stone every month but doctors are baffled as to what is causing her to retain so much fluid. The former make-up artist said: 'When you're fat you're supposed to be flabby and wobbly, but my skin is just completely taut and tight. I know that some people who look at me in the street must be thinking I've just let myself go and eat too much, but I actually less than I did before I had this condition.'