Robert Pattinson's Hair Is the Biggest Mystery of 2014

Gather round, children, for it is time to discuss a very pressing matter. The matter of Robert Pattinson, and what exactly he has done with his beautiful head. Recently, the man sometimes known as R-Pattz (aliases Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen) has been seen out and about sporting a strange, partially shaved hairdo. Thus far it's only been seen under a baseball cap, so it wasn't clear why there was a weird piece still intact in the back, like Robert was trying to do a Jedi braid but couldn't quite remember where on the head it was supposed to be.
But on Thursday, Robert appeared in public sans chapeau and revealed the entirety of his bizarre coiffure. It's essentially a bowl cut with a landing strip shaved into the back. Yes, a landing strip. If there were another, less gross way to describe it, then I'd have done it, but there isn't, so — landing strip.
The landing strip.