I'm not mad declares Hong Kong 'psycho' banker: Cambridge graduate insists he has no mental health problems as it emerges his trading licence was revoked 'on day he murdered first call girl'


In his first account since two prostitutes were found butchered in his luxury bachelor-pad (both pictured right), Rurik Jutting (centre, inset and left as a younger man) insisted he had no mental health problems. As police widened their inquiry last night, it emerged Jutting's trading permit was revoked on the day he is said to have killed the first of his alleged victims. His licence was cancelled by watchdog the Securities & Futures Commission in Hong Kong. Investigators will want to know if the banker - described by the Wall Street Journal as a competitive poker player - was suspected of being a 'rogue trader' and if the loss of his permit triggered the bloodbath. Jutting was said to be 'frank and honest' with his legal team that the vice girls died in his flat - one was found chopped up in a suitcase - and blamed it simply on 'incidents involving him and girls' without elaborating.