Dubai's 14km-long Jumeirah Corniche is now open

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announed the opening of the Jumeirah Corniche - stretching 14 kilometres at the beach overlooking six residential communities starting from the backyard of the Dubai Marine Beach Resort up to Burj Al Arab Hotel.
The corniche consists of a 5 metre-wide walk, a 4 metre-wide jogging track, and relaxation areas comprising retail kiosks, shaded benches overlooking the sea, and public hygiene.
The project boasts a fascinating scenic view through well looked-after landscaped areas developed and spread in an elegant way together with stylish decorative lighting.
Mattar Al Tayer, Executive Director of RTA, was pleased with the completion of this vital project in implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to bring happiness to people.
Al Tayer called on the public and residents of the neighbourhood who fancy walking and jogging to use the Jumeirah Corniche in practising their favourite sports.
The Jumeirah Corniche project, he says, hugs the sand beach and offers a vibrant environment fitted with aesthetic and recreational features as well as public utilities for the use of beach goers amongst residents and tourists flocking to Dubai beaches to enjoy sitting by the seaside or practicing walking and jogging sports.
“The Jumeirah Corniche is considered a gorgeous addition to the area offering relaxation and relief and greater opportunity for the public to enjoy and practice several activities in addition to high-class service facilities for citizens, residents and tourists to enjoy a time out, swim or practise sport.
“Besides its practical value, the venue is a dazzling recreational facility boasting a specific importance as it contributes to upgrading the social infrastructure of the emirate in terms of quality public health of the community, offering ample opportunities for practising jogging, walking and aquatic sports such as swimming, rowing, and other activities befitting all family members and contributing to their physical wellbeing and the public health.
“The Jumeirah Corniche will be linked at a later stage with the Walk and the jogging/walking tracks of the Dubai Water Canal; a new urban destination in the making for the regional and international tourist movement as well as for the populace of the emirate.
“The Canal, which links the Business Bay with the Arabian Gulf, will add 6km to the Dubai Waterfront.”