At the age of 3, Saudi boy takes his first steps in Dubai

At 11 months, Mohsen, a boy from Saudi Arabia, showed signs of late development in his natural movement compared to his siblings. And his parents took him to several private centres for treatment in Saudi Arabia, but nothing helped improve his condition.

In September 2013, Mohsen’s father heard about a private medical centre in Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), which helped treat similar cases, so he decided to contact them.
The family met the doctors, and after an initial checkup, doctors diagnosed the boy's condition as delayed mental and physical development - plus he had suffered from chromosome defects.

“Based on the diagnosis, Mohsen was given a special rehabilitation programme, which included special physiotherapy sessions, plus high pressure oxygen treatment to push it to different organs in his body.
"This treatment programme took a year, in which we had to spend three weeks in the emirate during each visit. At the end, Mohsen’s condition improved, and finally, he took his first steps in Dubai,” said Ali Al Mubarak, Mohsen’s father.

He expressed  his happiness to finally see his son walk.
“We are extremely happy to see Mohsen taking his first steps. He also showed signs of improvement in physical and mental development like other children. We are grateful to Allah and the special medical care which our son received here.”
Dr Majdi Al Haleeq, Director-General of Pediatric Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Center in DHCC, said that Mohsen and his parents faced lots of difficulties as they had to travel for the treatment sessions, plus he had other isues.
He pointed out that they receive a large number of children with similar problems, and the number increased by 20 per cent in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

He added that according to DHCC, 15 per cent of patients who come to the medical centers in the city are tourists, and majority of them are from the Gulf and Arab countries