Cheating hubbies: No matter how smart you think you are… you will be caught

Mr Romeo was in love with another woman who was younger than his wife and according to him more beautiful and attractive. It was love at first sight. He started the affair from the word go.

His Juliet started writing love letters to him, expressing how deeply she loves him, and how much she misses him.

It was very difficult for Romeo to tear these love letters. He enjoyed reading them every day.

So how could he keep them and hide the love missives from his wife.

Eureka, he found the perfect place – he hid them in the spare tyre of his car.

One morning, while Romeo was sleeping, his wife got up to go out. Her car would not start so she took his car to go to work.

Fate struck.

Lo and behold, she had a flat tyre.

The wife stopped at the side of the road and with the assistance of other motorists began changing the tyre.

When they removed the spare tyre, it was bad-luck time for Mr Romeo.

His wife found the bundle of Juliet’s letters and poetry. She read them and found out about the secret romance which was going on for some time.

The wife couldn’t forgive her cheating husband. She filed for divorce.

Her husband begged her forgiveness, but she insisted and the divorce was finalised in Dubai Courts. 

Common cause

This case, according to Dr Abdulaziz Al Hamadi, Head of Family Marital Section at Dubai Courts, is one of many cases where women find out about their hubbies’ affairs.

“In this section, we come across many cases where women or men find out that their partners are indulging in extra-marital affairs and cheating on them.

“We manage to stop many wives and convince them to forgive their husbands and give them a second chance. However, many others don’t agree and at the end they get divorced.”