Driving on damaged tyres: Dh200 fine...

Dubai Traffic Police will impose a fine of Dh200 on drivers and impound their vehicle for seven days if the vehicle is spotted with damaged tyres.

Dubai Traffic Police recorded 8,544 cases of damaged tyres during the first seven months of this year.

Dubai Traffic Police, with help from Apollo Tyre Company, examined the tyres of 630 cars and distributed pamphlets and brochures to drivers and passengers of cars during its ‘Summer without Accidents: Your Safety is Important to Us’ campaign since the beginning of August.

The campaign focused on the brands and sizes of tyres, balancing of new tyres, checking air pressure of tyres, including the spare one, and replacing damaged tyes.

Colonel Saif Mohair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Directorate of Traffic of Dubai Police, said road accidents caused by tyre bursts are often severe, leading to heavy casualties.

That’s why the current campaign focused on replacing damaged tyres. 

He stressed the need to examine tyres in the summer’s intense heat, particularly by long-distance drivers.