15 Majestic Underwater Sites You Need To Visit Before You Die

1. MUSA Underwater Museum — Cancun, Mexico

Have you ever gone to a museum…under water? Well now you can at the Cancun Underwater Museum, which features sculptures from artist Jason DeCaires Taylor. The sculptures were submerged in an attempt to populate the area with sea life after various hurricanes destroyed the coral reefs.

2. Jacob’s Well — Wimberly, Texas

Patrick Lewis / Flickr: paddymurphy
Patrick Lewis / Flickr: paddymurphy
Jacob’s Well is a popular summer attraction known to be one of the most dangerous places to dive. There are four known chambers inside the well: The first is a straight 30-foot dive, the second is 80-feet deep, and the third and fourth are “virgin caves” that only experienced divers have seen.

3. The Neptune Memorial Reef — Key Biscayne, Fla.

Not far from Miami, this memorial was artistically based off the Lost Empire of Atlantis. According to the memorial’s website, “Those who choose cremation for final needs may opt for their remains to be deployed to the reef, creating life after life.” The Department of Environmental Resource Management has witnessed marine life around the area grow from zero into the thousands because of the memorial.

4. Green Lake — Tragoess, Austria

Borut Furlan / Getty Images/WaterFrame RM
Getty Images/Westend61
Green Lake is no ordinary park. Once a year, this park is submerged in water after all the snow on the Karst Mountains melts. It has become a popular attraction for scuba divers all over the world.

5. Underwater Waterfall — Mauritius Island

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extremetravel / Thinkstock
The underwater waterfall on the coast of Mauritius is nothing but an optical illusion. It’s created by sand falling down the coastal shelf into the depths of the deep blue sea. The best way to observe this majestical illusion is from above on a plane or helicopter.

6. Whale Diving — Kingdom of Tonga

When you visit Tonga you’ll have the opportunity to swim with humpback whales and feel what it’s like to be part of marine life. Whale Discoveries will help you learn everything there is to know about the complex submarine mammal.

7. Azure Window — Maltese Island of Gozo

Darren Barefoot / Flickr: dbarefoot
Malcolm Browne / Flickr: mal-b
This travel destination is popular for cliff diving off the Azure Window and scuba diving inside the Blue Hole cave. Inside the 262-foot tunnel, scuba divers have found incredible marine life such as fire worms and octopi.

8. Weeki Wachee Springs — Spring Hill, Fla.

Annie Collinge / collinge.com
Annie Collinge / collinge.com
If you don’t believe in mermaids then you have to go to this mermaid city. For 60 years the park has put on mermaid shows in an underwater theater, including productions of The Little Mermaid.

9. Cenote Angelita — Tulum, Mexico

nonperturbative / Flickr: nonperturbative
nonperturbative / Flickr: nonperturbative
Cenote Angelita is best known for its underwater river: yes, a river that runs underwater. According to scuba diver Alice Yoo, this river is created by a layer of hydrogen sulfate that separates the salt water and the freshwater and creates a cloud-like moving stream.

10. Underwater Hotel Room — Zanzibar

The Manta Resort / tripadvisor.com
The Manta Resort / tripadvisor.com
The Manta Resort is more than just a fancy hotel. You can rent an underwater room that gives you visibility of coral outcrops and shoals of fish. You can also go snorkeling when you please, or simply stay afloat and enjoy the endless ocean around you