The Rich Kids of Dubai dance on money, go to McDonald’s in supercars and own pet cheetahs

DUBAI is home to the world’s only seven-star hotel and shopping centre as well as an enormous gold market.
So it’s the perfect playground for a bunch of spoiled brats for whom money is no object.
The Rich Kids of Dubai dance on dollar bills, go through the McDonald’s drive-thru in supercars and own pet cheetahs.
According to The Sun, the Instagram account, which has racked up 77,000 followers, claims to document their outrageous antics.
“We feature Dubai’s most fabulous people!” the page states.
“Dubai cars, Dubai fashion, Dubai property… The Dubai dream!”
And what a dream it is.
These lavished teens, who rely on the bank of their mum and dad to fund their lifestyles, don’t go on public transport – they travel by helicopter or supercar only.
One woman was seen flaunting her enviable bod as she strutted out of her private jet.
While another Rich Kid pulls a raunchy pose on top of her fancy yellow motor, which is parked on the golden beach.
These Rich Kids have a vast collection of pricey cars, with one guy boasting about his Bentley, Porsche and Land Rover.
Rather than get a servant to pick up their fast food, three pals decided to whiz out for a cheeky Big Mac in their luxury car.
The pampered 20-somethings spend their days splashing the cash in pricey, high-end stores.
One woman got a hotel porter to cart around her collection of Ralph Lauren carrier bags, while another gave a candid insight into her designer-packed closet.
One loaded teen flaunted her eye-poppingly big diamond ring, which she accessorised with matching diamond and Cartier bracelets.
When they’re not hanging out in their pool-view apartments, the Rich Kids can be seen soaking up the sun on yachts.
Or taking their pet cheetahs for a spin.
But it’s not just the Rich Kids of Dubai causing a stir.
The Rich Kids of Singapore have shared snaps of themselves lying on beds covered in dollar bills and driving their supercars naked.
The bio for their jealousy-inducing Instagram account reads: “Singapore is the millionaire’s playground.
“Featured are the most flamboyant, flashy and famous socialites of Singapore.”