Will you cry the day I'll be married? Will you miss me.

"Will you cry the day I'll be married? Will you miss me"

"Come on! I'd rather celebrate"
The only thing she could do was smile.
But he loved her a lot, witness the day she was married. He was visibly the one crying the most.
With tears in her eyes she came closer to him.
"You were celebrating my departure, right?"
He choked, couldn't hold the moisture in his eyes. He hugged her tight and cried his heart out.

With a low voice he said "And how can you expect me to celebrate my very first best friend's departure? The woman I shared all my secrets with, the woman I grew older with, The woman who loved me the most after our mother, she's leaving and you expect me to celebrate? Please don't go!"
She kissed his forehead. Tears rolled down her cheeks ruining her mascara. She held his face and looked into his eyes. Sobbing, she consoled him.
"My baby boy, you're grown up now, do your chores yourself now, kay? D-Don't do anything which hurts mom. Take care of mom and dad, do as they say, okay my boy? St-Stay away from those bad boys. And if you just fall for a girl, do treat her like your queen. My baby boy's smart enough, I know, but...but you still need to take care, okay? I-I Love You :')"
And she left him with all those flashing memories. She taught him what true love is. For she was more precious than a gemstone to him.
Yes, true love never dies!
Fortunate are those whose best friends are their siblings.