Omar Borkan Al Gala-Handsome Man Chased From Facebook

Omar Borkan Al Gala the handsome man who was deported from Saudi Arabia has also seen his Facebook page mysteriously disappear. As if Borkan Omar’s fate of deportation from Saudi Arabia was not enough , it seems he also turned out to be too hot or handsome for Facebook to bear as well.With hundreds and hundreds of appreciation messages and critics as usual his page had garnered over 790,000 fans, but could not last for more than two weeks. The Emirati actor, poet, and regular quoter of “When Harry Met Sally” says his “Facebook community page” boasting over 790,000 fans has “mysteriously disappeared.” Al Gala’s Facebook page is now offline, showing just the note that the link might be broken or the page has been deleted.

On another page that he must have set up after this one was deleted, Al Gala explains that he wasn’t the one to take such action, which totally makes sense considering he had almost 800,000 followers.... Read the comprehensive news article and discuss at Uganda News Picks