Standing together in defiance, thousands gather across France to show support for 12 people slaughtered by 'Al Qaeda' gunmen in attack on Paris magazine as manhunt for terrorists continues

Thousands of people gathered across Europe tonight to show their support to an anti-Islamist newspaper, after its offices in Paris were targeted today by suspected Al Qaeda militants who massacred 12 people. Among those slaughtered was a police officer as he begged for mercy. Masked attackers brandishing Kalashnikovs burst into the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, opening fire on staff after seeking out journalists by name in France's deadliest post-war terrorist attack. Clad all in black with hoods and speaking flawless French, the militants forced one of the cartoonists - who was at the office with her young daughter - to open the door. Pictured: A huge crowd gathers at the Place Royale in Nantes, France (main image), following the dramatic attack earlier (inset).