It's raining money in Britain! Romanian known as 'The Redneck with a Maserati' who moved to UK to work as a bodyguard claims he earns so much money here he doesn't know what to do with it

Petre Craete, known at home as 'The Redneck with a Maseratti', posted pictures of himself naked in a bath full of notes and he claims he earned all the cash in just four hours. In a message to his countrymen he said he was broke but now after starting a new life in Britain he has more money than he know what to do with. He said: 'My biggest worry when I have a quiet moment to myself is where am I going to find a wallet big enough to take it all home with.' The Romanian said he moved to London in the past few years where he was able to get work as a bodyguard quickly graduating up to celebrity clients. Between 2011 and 2012 he was the bodyguard for former cage fighter Alex Reid