Incredible escape: Man sandwiched between trucks in highway pile-up

Kaleb Whitby became wedged between two trucks in a massive highway pile-up in Oregon in USA, that involved 100 people and dozens of vehicles.

Incredibly, the horror smash claimed no lives, but even more astonishingly, the 32-year-old father escaped the harrowing ordeal with only minor injuries.

He is still at a loss to explain how he walked away with his life still intact.

"Thank God I'm still alive," he told the ‘Oregonian’ newspaper. "Now I've got to figure out why."
The smash, which happened on Interstate 84 (I-84) on Saturday morning, involved more than 20 vehicles, most of them trucks, and injured a dozen people.

The smash forced Whitby up against his steering wheel and he was pinned inside his mangled vehicle in an upright position.

"I just braced and hoped everything would be alright," he said.

The driver Sergi Karplyuk got out to investigate and discovered Whitby sandwiched between the two trucks.

When he asked if he could snap a picture while he was trapped inside the tangled steel, a squashed yet remarkably calm Whitby looked back at the camera.

Karplyuk then helped Whitby escape the wreckage before assisting others caught in the pile-up.

Whitby was checked over in hospital, but only needed a couple of band aids.

It is believed hazardous conditions, including black ice, heavy winds and fog, caused the crash.