Widow takes husband's ashes to cancel mobile connection

A woman who lost her husband recently approached the media in the UK to speak about the agony caused to her after her husband died of cancer.

She has been running from pillar to post in her attempts to get her deceased husband's mobile phone connection cancelled. However, she keeps on receiving bills and there is no sign of cancelling his mobile plan, reports The Telegraph.

She has been to the office with all documents to prove that her husband is no  more. She has not only carried his death certificate and a letter from the crematorium, but has also carried funeral bills and even his ashes to convince the mobile phone company officials of her husband's death.

While the officials told her that they would take care of the work, she received yet another bill the next month.

When the media approached the mobile phone company, T-Mobile, they apologised to the widow and said the delay was caused by a mistake in their automatic process.