Moby Thick! The moment a man left his boat to climb on top of a dead whale... only to find himself stranded when a school of giant sharks close in for a feeding frenzy

An Australian man has shocked onlookers by jumping off a boat and climbing on top of a dead whale carcass in open waters, despite sharks circling the body. On Saturday afternoon at approximately 1.30pm, Harrison Williams (inset), from Mindarie, near Perth in Western Australia, swam to the body of the deceased humpback whale and sitting on it. Despite several tiger sharks and at least one white shark circling the whale's bloated carcass, Mr Williams, an extreme sport lover, made the perilous swim over. The whale has reportedly been in the ocean for several weeks, floating between Rottnest and Fremantle off the Western Australia coast. Mr Williams told Daily Mail Australia he was 'trying to help' the whale, but 'clearly I was too late'