Daughter raped by father falls pregnant

A 15-year-old Egyptian teenager has accused her father of abusing her sexually for more than nine months. She is now pregnant with her father’s child, according to reports in the Egyptian media.

The teenager who is studying in grade one secondary stage also appeared on a popular TV programme, Masr Al Jadida on Al Hayat TV and repeated the sordid details of abuse and rape.

She added that she had told her uncle about the sexual assault, but her uncle did not believe her.

She added that later when her uncle did confront her father with the shameful facts, her dad denied touching her. But, when the girl reached home, her father was quick to insult and threaten her for speaking out.

She added that every day he abused her and justified his act by telling her that his wife, the girl’s mother, denied him his marital rights.
Father admitted assaulting daughter for nine months. (Supplied) 

The girl also added that she was on the verge of committing suicide.

She added: “My mother was shocked when I told her and she also didn't believe me until he confessed to her over the phone aftetr I fell pregnant.”

The father was detained by the police for 15 days, pending investigation, once the girl’s pregnancy was confirmed and the mother and daughter filed a police complaint.

However, the father pleaded his innocence and said that he suspected that his daughter was in a relationship with someone else and his daughter was too scared of revealing the facts to him.

Major General Tariq Daowod, the head of Qotoor police station told the media that his daughter had given them details of her abuse at her father’s hands for more than nine months.

The police official agreed that while abortion was illegal in Egypt, their bigger problem was addressing the issue of incest among poor family members who were forced to sleep in crowded rooms and the elders had no privacy.

He also claimed that while the father of the girl pleaded his innocence initially, he finally admitted the truth and said that he had been deprived sexually by his wife and his daughter was paying the price.

The man also claimed that he did not think his daughter would fall pregnant.

The man’s wife has asked him for a divorce after she learnt of his misdeeds.