Thousands take half-term children to the Tower of London to pay respects at incredible 'field of poppies' for WWI victims which has now been seen by millions

Spectacular: The project was the brainchild of artist Paul Cummins and is expected to raise around £11.2million for charity
In a fortnight's time the magnificent memorial to the Commonwealth soldiers who died in World War One will be complete - each ceramic poppy a painful reminder of the monumental loss of human life suffered in the conflict. Today the crowds gathered - as they have done for many weeks - in awe of the spectacular creation, the brainchild of artist Paul Cummins, which is predicted to raise around £11.2million for charity. The breathtaking sea of scarlet will remain on display until Armistace Day on the November 11, after which the poppies will be sold off for £25 each.