Revealed: 3 ways Google Glass is going to change your life in Dubai...

Google Glass may not have conquered the masses yet, but at the ongoing Gitex Technology Week in Dubai, it was not uncommon to see a person strolling along, sporting the somewhat odd-looking apparatus.

A handful of exhibitors even presented how Google Glass is set to become the latest channel for their ever expanding services. These are three of the coolest ways in which Dubai can be seen through ‘Google’s eyes’.

Plan your journey
You can now plan your route, while actually being en route. Route planning apps are a popular tool to get from point A to point B, and the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) already operates its Wojhati app, which does just that.

But now, people can do the same wearing Google Glass, said Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency and Head of Supervision of Implementing the Integrated Roadmap to Transfer to the Smart Government Team.

“If the person wants to go from one pint to another, all the information needed will be displayed. When selecting public transportation for example, the metro station, bus connection, timings and distance to walk will become visible,” he said.

Currently, it is a luxury tool that is not commonly used as yet, but the rising use of wearable electronics is anticipated and the RTA intends to keep pace with these developments, he said.
Road devils

If you ever wonder how you were fined for that little bit of speeding on that road where nobody seemed to be around, it is probable that Google Glass was at work.

With Google Glass, violations can easily be observed and reported, explained Ahmed bin Fahad of Dubai Police.

Some police officers have already started applying the technique. “When a ‘wanted vehicle’ appears in the eagle eyes’ sight, a notification will automatically appear on the screen, informing the officer about the offender,” he said. The police officer does not even need to be on the lookout for that particular person.

However, Google Glass is not just for the police alone. “Eventually, the idea is that the public will use them to report violations. It is very easy; with a picture or video and some additional details the violation will be reported, and the violator will be notified of the fine,” said Ahmed bin Fahad.

The concept named ‘We are all Police’ already exists, but Google Glass will be another device for achieving this.