Photographer goes bananas over monkey selfie

London: Staring straight into the camera, with lips pulled back into a grin, it could be regarded as a perfect “selfie”.
The series of “self portraits” of a crested black macaque monkey were shared around the world over the internet and on social media. But the now famous images are at the centre of a bizarre dispute over who owns the pictures.

David Slater, the British nature photographer whose camera captured the picture, has asked Wikimedia, the organisation behind Wikipedia, to remove the image from its pages. He claims its inclusion in a media library that allows other websites to use it free of charge is harming his ability to make a living.
But Wikimedia has rejected his request, claiming the macaque that pressed the shutter on the camera owns the copyright of the image, not Slater, who now faces an estimated £10,000 legal bill to take the matter to court.