Britain's fattest woman who weighed 40st dies of a heart attack aged 44 after being unable to walk out of the house for six years

She would get regular deliveries from the butchers, fish and chip shop and local Tesco supermarket to her bed
Doctors warned Brenda Flanagan-Davies to 'lose weight or die' when she became bed-bound at her home in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, after consuming more than 6,000 calories a day. But just four hours after a check-up in July 2013 her husband Ronald Davies found her foaming at the mouth and in pain. He called an ambulance, and four paramedics used a blanket to carry Mrs Flanagan-Davies to the vehicle, but she died on her way to hospital after suffering a heart attack. Mr Davies, 68, now wants to warn people about the risks of obesity after he was left 'devastated' following her death.