15 Things That Are Just Meant To Be Shared

No matter what the circumstances, we always have enough to share. Sharing has never left anyone in shortage, but rather added more joy, contentment and meaning to our lives. While sharing is innately human, there are some things were just created to be shared:

1. Tiffin

Food gets yummier when shared. Tiffin time and lunch breaks are so enjoyable because it is one time in the day when everyone gets together over food and conversation.

2. Pen-drives and Hard Drives

Admit it, your pen drives and hard drive have a busier social life than you do!

3. Assignments and notes

Sharing notes and spending hours at the photocopy shop is how we all pulled through our college and school years. It taught us the 'importance' of sharing.


Music, movies, games, sitcoms, other kind of videos... Sorry I don't share my downloads; said nobody ever.

5. Secrets

We always share secrets saying, "Don't tell anyone." 

6. Earphones

Headphones may look cooler but earphones help you bond with people over music and make friends.

7. WiFi

No WiFi connection has had one user ever.

8. Popcorn

Movies are best enjoyed passing a tub of popcorn around. Something about the little bite sized pops just says, "best enjoyed when shared."

9. Phone chargers

Your phone charger is never yours. 

10. Jokes

Sharing a laugh is one thing you can even do with a stranger. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

11. Old Monk

Fun times are directly proportional to the number of friends you share a bottle of Old Monk with.

12. Joints

Join(t)ing hearts, three puffs at a time.

13. Advice

Sometimes welcome, and sometimes not so, free ka advice one of the most shared things in the world.

14. Umbrellas

Umbrellas were designed to house more than one person. How many friends have been under your umbrella during the monsoons?

15. Happiness

Sharing our joys multiplies them manifold. Sharing happiness is the most human thing to do.