Rain and cold weather to hit parts of UAE Tomorrow night will be longest, coldest of year; may see rain

The UAE and other Gulf states will see their longest night on Saturday as December 21 marks the winter solstice in the region and across the world.
According to TimeAndDate.com, the length of the day in UAE on both December 21 and December 22 will be 10 hours, 33 minutes and 56 seconds, which means the night will last for 13 hours, 26 minutes and 4 seconds on these two days, making them the longest nights of the year. 

Al Ain: Get ready for another bout of cold winds but this time it will bring clouds to give rain in some parts of the country.
The unstable weather system was expected to hit on Friday at around noon, when fresh to strong Shamal (north-westerly) winds are pushed in. Showers expected on Sunday and Monday on the western coastline, northern emirates and the eastern mountainous areas, according to the national weather bureau.
The country has recently faced a cold windy spell but, over the last two days, temperature was improved.
“The expected system will again cause a significant fall in temperature almost all over the emirates,” said the forecasters.