'It's Completely Different': Harry Styles Claims New One Direction Album Is Nothing Like First Album

Harry Styles has proclaimed that One Direction’s new album Midnight Memories is nothing like the boy band’s first album Up All Night. The 19-year-old One Direction singer was recently asked to explain the evolution of the group.
In the interview with Tele Noche from Argentina, the One Direction heartthrob told the interviewer that One Direction have completely grown out of their original style of music that made them a household name in the music industry.
“If you listen to the first album, then listen straight to the third album, it’s completely different,” he explains. “Even though it’s only been three years, I think when you're our age, three years is a long time and quite a lot has happened in terms of growing up in those three years."
Harry Styles thinks One Direction has drastically grown up
Band mates Niall Horan and Liam Payne also took part in the interview. Liam also chimed in on the topic and revealed how the group’s sound has matured now that they wrote a lot more this album.
“Well, I think it’s a lot more live sounding. There’s a lot more maturity in it, and I think the main difference is that we wrote this one really,” he says. “We wrote a few tracks on each of the albums but on this one, we spent a lot of time on it.”
One Direction have written a lot more on their new album
This change in One Direction’s style might have helped their record sales as Midnight Memories had higher first week sales than any of their previous albums.