Expo 2020: 200,000 jobs expected to be created in UAE

Dubai: The UAE’s job market is expected to get a short-term boost from Dubai’s winning the Expo 2020, according to industry experts, with some predicting a return to the emirate’s pre-2008 days.

Roman Weidlich, director at Towers Watson Middle East, said that he expects higher competition for talent “that could to a certain extend resemble the pre-2008 labour dynamics, including higher employee turnover and spike in salaries.”
“From the longer-term perspective, Expo 2020 will help improve the UAE and the Middle East’s image worldwide. This will increase the regions’ attractiveness and ability to hire expatriate talent,” Weidlich said.

The various benefits of the Expo 2020 win have been listed in the past months – for example, the positive impact on the economy, the huge number of business and leisure tourists expected to visit the emirate, the more than 275,000 jobs that will be created and, of course, the potential appreciation in real estate assets.