Five places in Dubai where you can see the supermoon

The 'super, supermoon' as it's called is going to arrive tonight and it's going to be visible across the UAE at a forecasted time of 5:52 pm. While it's going to be visible all over the city using just a naked eye, some Dubai locations offer a better glimpse of the moon and for the phone-savvy around us that usually equals better supermoon shots. Whatever your reason is, here are our recommended spots around the Dubai and elsewhere so you can make the most out of the astronomical occurrence.

This will be the second supermoon of 2016. The first one made its appearance on October 16, the next one will make its presence felt today, and the last one will show up on December 14.
At the Top, Burj Khalifa
Where better to see the supermoon than in the highest place around? You also get the added bonus of seeing the city from below.
The Observatory, Marriott Marina
Right at the heart of the Marina and on the 52nd floor, you'll have a good (and tasty) view of the supermoon behind the backdrop of the Marina and the Palm.
Away from artificial light sources which cause light pollution and lower visibility, the Hatta area offers an unhindered view of the supermoon as well as some stars. Be prepared for some off-road driving.

Level 43, Four Points Sheraton, Dubai
Level 43 is located off Shaikh Zayed Road and its central location is another great spot for supermoon spotting
Dubai Canal
The newly opened Dubai Canal is also a central area which provides unrestricted views of the sky. You can easily go on one of the footbridges and look in awe at the supermoon.
And to get you excited here's Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai standing atop Burj Khalifa from the supermoon two years ago.