This Tea Man becomes Pakistan’s newest internet sensation

A Tea man  has become an overnight social media sensation in Pakistan for not preparing some tasty “doodh patti’ or “kahwa”, but for his killer eyes and dashing looks.

The man with big green eyes who was photographed by Jiah Ali, a photographer, in Islamabad was an instant hit as soon as his picture was posted on Instagram.
Within no times, ChaiWala become a top Twitter trend with girls going crazy for the man. Some said that this was their answer to Momina Mustahsan, a Coke Studio singer, whose debut song was a massive hit.
The Twitter was flooded with tweets about the good looks of the teamaker whose real name has not been revealed yet, but he is said to be working at a stall in the federal capital.
This is what people have to say about the ChaiWala.

I thought if Freddie Mercury is spot in Pakistan as chaye wala 😂

 beauty dosn't need money example is here (when ppls say u r not ugly u just poor )so poors also not ugly
Some spend money on cosmetics and become models , while other are just born in KPK , Pashtoon .👏

This Pyaara  In Islamabad Has People Looking For More Than Just Garam Chai 👀 ☕️

 is trending. That's good no? Don't be jealous you guys. It's okay if he is more attractive than you 🙈