iPhone 7 prices leaked: How does it compares with Samsung Note 7

Get ready to shell out more for your next iPhone as the new devices are going to be more expensive.

The new iPhones are expected to be unveiled on September 6 or 7 and according to rumours, Apple could discontinue the base 16 GB model for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
It is even rumoured that Apple could unveil two new variants of the iPhone 7 Plus - one of them with a dual lens.

The drop of 16GB version could, however, mean that the base price of the new iPhone could go up by almost Dh400.

Apple has currently priced a 16GB iPhone 6s at Dh2,599 while an iPhone 6S Plus starts at Dh2,999.
Currently there is no 32GB version.

You can however buy the device much cheaper from various online stores.

iPhone 7 UAE impact: iPhone 6S prices begin dropping

If Apple does decide to discontinue the 16GB version - Samsung did just that with the Note 7 - the base price of a new iPhone could suddenly see a spike.

According to latest rumors, emerging from China, Apple could price the new iPhone 7 at 5288 yuan (Dh2,923) , while 7 Plus will be priced at 6088 yuan (Dh3,366).
A 64GB version of the iPhone 6S now costs Dh2,999 and 64GB iPhone 6s Plus costs Dh3,399.
In comparison the Galaxy Note 7 is currently priced at Dh2,999 while the 32GB Samsung S7 is priced at Dh1,899 while an S7 Edge is priced at Dh2,399.
It should be noted that reports have indicated that the new iPhone could lose its headphone jack but gain dual speakers and a USB type C charging, which means that you will not be able to use the older chargers.
Samsung also introduced a similar change into its new Note 7 but provided users with an adapter for compatibility with older chargers.