Flowers have always been a tool to express diverse feelings and emotions.

Flowers have always been a tool to express diverse feelings and emotions. According to their colour, they have been represented and used in certain ceremonies and occasions. Sometimes the same type of flower can be found in the time of joy and grief; altogether it is the matter of perception how, they have been seen.
When a bride sees her bed decorated with the petals of roses, she blushes while waiting for the groom. At the same time, when he goes and comes back with carnations and a shroud, she cries while waiting for him as a widow.
When a nervous man roams around the park while hiding behind a red rose, a gorgeous woman walks in to beautify the scene, at the same time, when they hold each other's hand in bewilderment, the thorns wound their hands and it bleeds.

It is the flower of the nation, but hardly preferred.
When it gets exchanged in yellow, it becomes the symbol of a golden chain called friendship, while in pink, it turns into the advocate of grace and elegance. White roses are associated with marriages while the orange roses convey the feelings of gratitude and compassion.
They are omnipresent.
Sometimes in the blazer of a politician.
Sometimes on the hair of a queen.
Sometimes beneath the feet of a king.
Flowers. . .flowers experience everything.
Happiness, sadness, anxiety, nervousness. Everything.
Everything which we feel.
Everything which we go through.
The difference lies in the way we see them. The difference lies in the way, they see us.
Eventhough they don't talk, but they definitely help us to conversate.