What is there you're trying to hide?

"What is there you're trying to hide?"
"What was the point of hiding it, when you have told me now?"

"It doesn't matter, because you don't understand it."
"I know, what sadness means. It means, the absence of happiness."

"Melancholy is like your skin wrapped with your bones; layers by layers. The top most appears again no matter how many time, it will be ruined. And when it would be cut deeply, then instead of leaving your side, it will accompany you more sublimely with those scars. When, it won't leave you ever, then how can you refer it as absence?"
"Every wound can be healed."

"Sorrow is not invariably painful. It is like memories. No matter how far you will go in life, it won't ever leave the chambers of your consciousness. The only possibility is that, at a point, they won't affect you and that's where, you can say, I have moved on. So, there will always be sombreness but it won't make you feckless perpetually."
"Maybe, that's the reason you were hiding your grief. Those feelings dug inside us are not unremittingly afflictive."
"Maybe, now, you have learned, how off the hook is hiding our feelings."