1. Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

The Apeiron Island Hotel is another beautiful underwater hotel of Dubai. This is a seven star hotel with all the facilities available for the guests. The estimated number of rooms in this hotel is 400, which are except the 200 luxurious family apartments. Most of its apartments have been designed and structured in a way that they give you a glimpse of jungle theme-park. From the top to ground floor, this hotel has beautiful interiors.

2. Crescent Hydropolis, Dubai

Crescent Hydropolis is a notorious underwater hotel. Usually it is chosen by celebrities or the members of royal families to stay at. All the rooms, dining area, meeting hall, reception area and even the indoor gaming area are beautified with glass cabinets. You can view the fishes and other underwater species right from the glass of your bedroom. The fairs of the rooms in this hotel are quite high. With its 230 luxurious suites Crescent Hydropolis adds a plus to Dubai’s level of beauty and charm.

3. Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Among those so many beautiful and remarkable underwater hotels in Dubai, Water Discus is a pleasant one. Its structure and architecture is quite unique and innovative. The hotel is not too big but has only 21 luxurious rooms for the guests. Its lavish lobby, swimming pool and a big sitting hall make this hotel a comfortable and prior choice of underwater hotel lovers.