Wife and baby left at #DubaiUAE airport: Husband back, explains why he did it…

An Asian businessman who travelled to his home country and left his wife and five-month-old baby at Dubai’s airport for two days without money has apologised to her and to Dubai Police, on his return to the emirate.

“He apologised to his wife in front of all of us.
He justified his behaviour by his fear of trouble if his wife meets his family as he married her without the family’s knowledge,” said Brigadier Mohammed Al Murr, head of the human rights administration.

The 32-year-old husband told police that he married his European wife of Asian origin 17 months ago, but did not want to tell his family which wanted him to marry a relative.

He said that he had intended to take his wife and baby to see his family but left them at Dubai’s airport after felt worried this would cause trouble at home.

“He admitted that he committed a grave mistake by leaving his wife and baby at the airport. He said that he rushed back to Dubai three days after his departure to correct the mistake he had committed,” Murr said.

“He told us that he did tell his family about his marriage. He said his mother expressed a desire to see his new wife and he promised her to take his wife and baby to his home country next time to meet his family.”