Weekend getaway in Dubai at Fairmont The Palm

Fairmont The Palm in Dubai
“Can you please help me look at the board signs?" I told my companion as we cruised down Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah at about 60km per hour. The driver of the car behind me was already flashing his car’s headlights. With a sharp breath, I am forced to hit on the gas, silently praying I won’t miss the signs to Fairmont The Palm.
Fat chance. “I think we were supposed to take a right,” my companion said as I drove past a signage. A U-turn later, we found ourselves outside the hotel, a sigh of relief escaping my breath as I spotted the big signage from the service road.
The drive up the entrance was pretty narrow and steep but thank goodness I managed to get there without further incident. There was a slight wait for valet service though since the place was packed. It seemed everyone had the same idea—a weekend getaway at a hotel resort in the city.
The stress of the morning drive quickly dispersed as we stepped into the expansive, modern lobby, which looked busy with guests lounging in the wide seating areas. “Let’s check in quickly because I’m hungry,” my companion unabashedly told me as we headed towards the reception where a smiling guest service officer processed our reservation. Hungry, we headed straight for brunch after the quick check in.