TRENDING: #Emirates baggage allowances to change after Nov 15: Click for details...

Dubai-based Emirates Airline has announced some changes to its baggage policy.

The weight per passenger that the carrier allows is 30kg in economy class, 40kg in business class and 50kg in first class.

The good news is that the amount of weight that one is entitled to remains the same in each class.

However, some dimensional changes are going to be enforced According to the airline, for tickets issued on or after November 15 this year, passengers will not be able to carry individual items with total dimensions exceeding 300cm (118 inches).

Until then, the airline will continue to accept items beyond 300cm (118 inches) and up to 400cm (157 inches) in length in exceptional cases.

After November 15, however, Emirates noted that items bigger than 300cm cannot be transported as checked baggage, and must be sent as cargo or freight.

“There are no exceptions to this rule,” it states.

Even before the said date, for bigger items, the airline said it’s advisable to check with local Emirates office for details at least seven working days prior to travelling with such items to avoid any unpleasant surprises and hassles at the airport.

Any baggage that exceeds these set limits will be referred to Emirates SkyCargo, it said.

Number of bags

Those travelling to Canada, North America or South America, should be aware of the baggage policy that applies on these routes.

Those flying on these long-haul flights have half the per-bag size allocation although the total weight allowance is higher than on other routes.