RTA to open main traffic diversion on Sheikh Zayed Road on Saturday

On Saturday morning, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will open the main traffic diversion on the Sheikh Zayed Road following the full completion of the required works nearby Al Safa Park.

Thus, the traffic on the Sheikh Zayed Road will be diverted while maintaining the same number of the existing lanes in order to ensure smooth & safe traffic flow.

A permanent traffic diversion will be in place throughout the project construction period to give way for completing works and phases of the Dubai Water Canal project, kicked off now by the initial phase comprising infrastructure works for constructing a bridge on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Maitha bin Udai, CEO, RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, confirmed that works had started in constructing the northern bridge on the Sheikh Zayed Road.
Due to the nature of this mega project it has to be divided in three phases designed and constructed by the RTA.

Accordingly, works have been divided into three contracts; the first for constructing bridges across the water canal on the Sheikh Zayed Road comprising 8 lanes in each direction, rising 8 meters above the water level to ensure free navigation in the Canal round-the-clock.

The second contract covers the construction of bridges across the water canal on the Jumeirah Street comprising 3 lanes in each direction, and on Al Wasl Street comprising 2 lanes in each direction in addition to a ramp linking Al Wasl Street with Al Hadiqa Street in the direction of the Sheikh Zayed Road.

The third contract covers canal course digging works stretching more than 3km in parallel with the refilling of an Island in the sea and constructing a marine wall around the canal to enable prepare the sand beach, besides constructing marinas for yachts and the Water Bus. The RTA also plans to construct three pedestrian bridges at prominent locations with an eye-catching engineering design to ease the public movement and at the same time encourage mass and tourist transport