Revealed: The most in-demand #jobs in #Dubai right now...

The job market is definitely growing in the UAE but you may still feel it’s not impacted you yet. The reason may be that the kind of job you do or your professional qualifications may not be much in demand these days.

It’s always good to know the kind of professionals for whom the employers and recruiters are looking for. Here are the ones that are getting hired the most in the UAE and those who are the least in demand these days.

According to data released by Monster Middle East, customer service professionals are in demand – this segment is witnessing the maximum number of jobs being advertised in the UAE.

The figures show a 63 per cent growth year-on-year for these professionals as far as the number of jobs advertised on the online medium are concerned.

This is followed by professionals in purchase/logistics/supply chain with a 58 per cent growth and in software, hardware and telecom with a 35 per cent over the same period of time.

On the other end of the spectrum are those professionals who are seeing minimal growth. Professionals in hospitality and travel are really not that sought-after these days with the least growth seen over the period of one year. Vacancies advertised for those in the industry saw a mere 5 per cent growth.

Up by just a few percentiles (8 per cent) are those in HR and administration and professionals in engineering and production fared slightly better. Vacancies advertised for those in the industry saw a mere 13 per cent growth over the period of one year.

Within the region, of the 11 occupational groups monitored by the Monster, hospitality and travel (up 34 per cent) professionals witnessed steepest growth in demand between July 2014 and August 2014.

Customer service exhibited a dramatic 26 per cent growth in demand after 17 months of negative growth on the year since March 2013. The groups also recorded the steepest growth month-on-month among all occupation groups.

Online demand for legal (up 11 per cent) professionals also surpassed the year-ago level having charted negative growth in the previous two months.

While healthcare (up 13 per cent) continues to display significant improvement in online demand from the year-ago the growth momentum has slipped by 17 percentage points as compared to previous month.

The groups also witnessed a 14 per cent drop in demand month-on-month; the steepest among all occupation groups. And, engineering and Production (up 6 per cent) among occupation groups saw the most controlled growth in demand annually.