For Dh99, UAE residents control lights, TVs from anywhere in world

Going on a vacation but worried about the high utility bill in case you forget to switch off the ACs? There’s help at hand.

UAE telecom operator etisalat has announced that, starting today, UAE residents can manage their home appliances and lighting, monitor their home on cameras and measure energy consumption through their smart devices from anywhere in the world.

The company noted in a media statement that residents can now purchase home automation products locally from its stores across the country.
Etisalat said it is teaming up with Belkin to introduce WeMo smart home automation solutions to customers in the UAE, ahead of its worldwide launch.

A single mobile app enables complete control of all devices and is downloadable for free on iOS and Android platforms. The WeMo switch allows users to monitor energy usage on electronics, and find out which devices are used most often.
The switch can notify users instantly if home electronics have been left on, and they can then choose to either leave them on or turn them off from anywhere.

Among the solutions on offer is the Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Switch + Motion which connects home appliances and electronic devices to the user’s Wi-Fi network.

This way, users may programme a device to switch on or off as soon as movement is detected.
The motion sensor plugs into an outlet and detects motion with a range of up to 10 feet. It then sends a wireless signal to the switch to turn the connected device – heaters, TVs, washers, dryers, fans, lights, etc. – either on or off.

The California-based Belkin is a manufacturer of consumer electronics that specialises in connectivity devices. WeMo is Belkin’s home automation ecosystem.

Etisalat will offer customers the choice between two basic packages, starting Dh99 per month, which customers can also choose to buy on an upfront payment basis.

“At etisalat, we are making the concept of an automated smart home a reality today with our highly affordable innovations in home devices,” said Rashed Al Abbar, VP - Home Products, etisalat.

“We believe this will also be instrumental towards fast tracking the reality of the UAE’s Smart City vision,” said Amanulla Khan, Director Emerging Markets, Belkin International.

The UAE telecom operator is also offering smart LED lighting solutions that allow users to control, schedule and dim their smart LED bulbs from anywhere, as well as a netcam that allows users to monitor their home day and night in high-quality 720p resolution through a smartphone, tablet or PC.