Dubai receives light spell of rain

Dubai: Dubai recorded a brief drizzle on Thursday owing to a small cloud cover that developed over the city, according to a duty forecaster at the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS).
The light showers lasted for around 15 minutes before the clouds scattered, said Khalid Al Obaidli, a weather forecaster from NCMS.
“It only rained in Dubai after a small cell of cloud was formed over the city, which caused some light showers. Usually when the east-westerly wind meets the north-westerly wind, a cell is formed. The cell could be big or small depending on the humidity and winds in that area, but in this case the cell was small, so it immediately moved away,” Al Obaidli said.
Partly cloudy weather is expected for Friday and Saturday as well, with the possibility that some towering clouds could form over the eastern areas by afternoon. Thick cloud cover could extend over the western areas, too.
“Rain is unpredictable as of now for tomorrow and after tomorrow because it depends on the movement of the clouds. However, if the towering clouds move with the wind, it is expected to rain in the eastern areas and to reach Dubai, too,” Al Obaidli said.
Forecasters are expecting heavy fog and mist for the rest of the week in the western areas of the country.